Evaluating Climate Change Impacts and Solutions


WITCH is a global dynamic model integrating the interactions between the economy, the technological options, and climate change.

It is developed at the RFF-CMCC-EIEE European Institute on Economics and the Environment, based in Milan, Italy.


The WITCH model allows accounting for the complete dynamic of climate change mitigation and adaptation for dozens of macro-regions for the next 100 years. For a complete description of the model check out our Documentation, or if you want to see some applications of our model, browse through our our blog (Stream) here below or play with the Policy Simulator.


Recent publications and results

Solar radiation management in cooperative and non-cooperative settings

It’s considered as a new strategy to complement traditional climate policies, but without sufficiently strong institutions, there is a risk that some countries will unilaterally deploy climate engineering to the[…]

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Scenarios compatible with 1.5 °C

New article “Scenarios towards limiting global mean temperature increase below 1.5 °C” published in NCC. The 2015 Paris Agreement calls for countries to pursue efforts to limit global-mean temperature rise[…]

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New article in Nature on fossil fuel subsidies

Removing fossil fuel subsidies would have only a small effect on CO2 emissions and renewable energy
use, new research published in Nature has shown…

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