Laurent Drouet
Team Leader
Johannes Emmerling
Team Leader
Massimo Tavoni
Dad of the model
Valentina Bosetti
Mother of the Model
Giacomo Marangoni
Plumber of the model
Lara Aleluia Reis
Air Pollution Modeler
Samuel Carrara
Energy/Transport Modeler
Enrica Decian
Adaptation Modeler
Soheil Shayegh
Engineering Modeler
Oreane Edelenbosch
Energy Demand Modeler

In addition to the current developers, we would like to thank the former contributors to the WITCH model: Loïc Berger, Michela Bevione, Andrea Bigano, Barbara Buchner, Carlo Carraro, Chen Chen, Efrem Castelnuovo, Michela Catenacci, Gauthier De Maere D’Aertrycke,  Licia Ferranna, Marzio Galeotti, Masako Ikefuji, Alessandro Lanza, Elisa Lanzi, Thomas Longden, Joana Leitão, Maurizio Malpede, Vassiliki Manoussi, Emanuele Massetti,  Lea Nicita, Elena Ricci, Marianna Rottoli, Fabio Sferra, Alessandra Sgobbi, Adriano Vinca, Marco Vitali and Jan Witajewski-Baltvilks. We also thank the external contributors who help to enrich the WITCH model with their own work:  Petr Havlik (GLOBIOM model), Rita Van Dingenen (FASSTR model).

We also would like to thank Jacopo Crimi for the original website and policy simulator, and Matteo Bernecoli for the design of the graphics.

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