Hey we are online!

Hey we are online!

Our former website was launched in 2010, together with the first release of the Policy Simulator, a pioneer visual online tool at that time… but 7 years  is truly an eternity for the internet, and many many amazing online tools similar and better than ours came out in the meantime.

We also did a couple of light updates to our interface (and will have a new version soon), always renewing the content with new simulations relevant to the policy debate in place, but we never refreshed our website since then…

So we thought it was time to make it lighter, faster, and SEO friendly thanks to the amazing wordpress package, to enrich it with  the documentation section where you can find all the details on our model, and to just create a blog where our team is posting comments and updates on our results.

We hope you’ll like our change of clothes and we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.



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